Rochester Flying Club

Safe and affordable flying in Rochester, NY

Contact Al Benjamin, VP, membership

(585) 461-5149 (10 am - midnight, 7 days)
it's my home phone, so if no answer, please call again
Located in a T- hangar at KROC

Why choose RFC over a flight school?


■ Not-for-profit club [IRS 501(C)(7)]. Charges are not taxed.
■ Time charged by the tach-hour
■ 1 tach-hour = 1 hour @ 2400 RPM (1ΒΌ hour at 1925 RPM, etc.) taxi, climb, and descent are performed at lower (cheaper) RPM
■ Liberal trip policy (no daily minimum)
■ Very nicely equipped, attractive airplane(s) - Garmin 530W GPS, ADS-B, IFR certified, dual nav/com, stormscope, S-Tec autopilot, Aspen glass attitude & heading
Transport Canada registration included
■ Monthly membership fee includes liability and medical insurance
■ Initiation fee (waived if first year dues paid in advance)
■ Students and pilots welcome

Flight school

■ It's a business, so charges are taxable
■ Typically charged by a Hobbs meter
■ 1 Hobbs hour = 1 hour any time the master switch is "on", even at 0 RPM before engine start, including pre-taxi radio calls
■ It's a business - probably a significant daily minimum for trips
■ Typical training airplane(s) (probably not as pretty or extensively equipped), maybe IFR, probably no stormscope,
■ Probably not permitted to fly to Canada
■ No monthly fee, but renter's insurance costs about the same
■ No initiation fee
■ Students and pilots welcome