Rochester NY Flying ClubWelcome to the Rochester Flying Club, located in Rochester NY!

Located at the Rochester International Airport (KROC), the Rochester Flying Club (RFC) is a private, non-profit organization devoted to flying in Rochester NY. Founded in 1958, our purpose is to bring together individuals, new students as well as seasoned pilots, who wish to experience the joy of flying while continuing to learn and advance their flying skills and proficiency. Further, our intent is to provide readily available, affordable, safe and efficient aircraft for our members’ use.

In accordance with FAA regulations, the Rochester Flying Club does not provide charter, leasing, renting, or any other commercial services. It is not a flying school, although we welcome student pilots.

Our membership even includes a selection of Certificated Flight Instructors (CFI’s and CFII’s) who can teach you to fly and perform Biennial Flight Reviews (BFR’s) for members.

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